Tips to save money at the airport.

Today I’ll give you some tips and tricks to save money during your already expensive trips.

I’m from Amsterdam and its about 30 minutes from the airport Schiphol. first thing you can save money with is taking a train instead of a taxi. If you prepare yourself a little bit you can easily find out what is a cheap and easy way of transportation. So if you just take a bit of time to find out how to travel it can save a lot of money and time. If I would lake a taxi from my house, for example, it would take about 30 minutes and 45 to 60 euro. The train costs me about 6,- and is there at the same time. If you really need to travel by taxi have a look if you can use programs like Uber or something this is often up to 20% cheaper.

Food is always expensive and unhealthy if you take it at the airport. Mostly not even fresh. So if you leave home and you know you will have time to spend on the airport, prepare some food at home that is fresh. For example, a nice pasta you can make at home stays sort of fresh for a bit and you can take it in your hand luggage without problems. This is one way but there is another way to save some bucks in your own pocket. If you buy some food in the local supermarket instead of at the airport. It will easily save you about 25%. The same is with drinks, just don’t forget to drink it before customs. At some airports, you can also free refill your bottles again with water. As it is important to stay hydrated better to buy a bottle before the flight. It is still cheaper than in the plane itself if you fly with a low-cost carrier like Easyjet.

Be flexible. If you are looking for flight tickets, start looking for tickets early and be flexible with your travel days. For example, it’s more expensive to travel on Friday or Mondays. business people like to travel on these days so more people want to have the flights and costs go up. I personally always look for special deals and try to book them in these special days. On my trip to South Africa, this saved me about 600,- for 2 tickets. A lot of money if I compare it with the regular ticket prices. Don’t book your tickets on 3rd party websites. Sometimes it looks like you are saving money but you will not especially if something will change in this flight. If you book directly with the website you often get lower rates, the air miles for the flight and a way better service in case something happens. Also try to fly during the nights, especially on longer flights. The flights are cheaper and during this time you can sleep. WIN WIN!

If you fly with 1 airline often make sure you get in on the frequent flyer program they have and stick with this airline if possible. I fly a lot with KLM and Lufthansa for example and use the points for both airlines. With these points, you can organize cheap sightseeing trips or nice travel goodies or anything else you want to have via their webshops or free flights if you fly a lot.

To save money on hotels there are a few tricks. One of them is to book it with 1 website like, every 10th night you will get a free stay. So this is about 10% discount. I personally am not a big fan of this. I usually write hotels an email before my trip to ask them personally for the lowest rate. They often give you lower rates than the online websites then and etc. If they give you a higher price you can always tell them you have seen a lower price on the internet. It helps. Also, Hotels work with systems that we know in airlines like frequent flyer programs. Marriotts Bonvoy you can connect with KLM etc. This gives you more miles during your stays in certain hotels. It takes some time to find it out. But when you get handy in it it will save you a lot of stress and money. Also, try to include breakfast in the rate. Often if you have to book it at breakfast itself the costs are higher.

Don’t buy stuff behind customs control. WHAT???? really, yes really. They often give big discounts so you are really in an urge to buy it there. Before you buy quickly check the prices on Amazon or other online selling points you will find out that the prices are the normal prices or more expensive. Check it before you buy it.

I hope this was a bit helpful for you. This post was not paid or sponsored by any of the above names used in this post.


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