Timeless Elegance with a Hint of “Aviation”

Fromanteel signature yellow crown.

I’ve been keeping my eye on this Dutch brand for some time now. I didn’t had the time to delve in to it until a short while ago. “Fromanteel” from Amsterdam. A watch brand from my home town. My first encounter with Fromanteel was about 3 years ago while walking around in “De Bijenkorf” Amsterdam, what stood out was one of their watches with a yellow crown, something special, something different. At the end of this blog you will receive a little present from me.

Fromanteel Amsterdam is a prestigious watch brand known for it’s craftsmanship and timeless designs. Founded in 2009, the brand takes inspiration from the rich heritage of Dutch watchmaking with a modern twist. Fromanteel watches are renowned for their high quality, attention to detail produced by the best Swiss watch makers. With a little nod towards aviation, these timepieces capture the spirit of adventure and evoke a sense of freedom.

The Fromanteel brand draws inspiration from different styles, incorporating elements that pay homage to the world of flight. Aviation represents the precision, engineering, and the pursuit of new frontiers (like me). Fromanteel watches echo these values, combining functionality with elegant design. The brand’s commitment to aviation is evident in their meticulous attention to detail and the use of aviation-inspired features, such as robust but classy cases, chronograph functionalities, and aeronautical-inspired dial designs. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply appreciate the allure of flight, Fromanteel watches offer a fusion of sophistication and adventure.

Fromanteel generations chrono, one remarkable timepiece from Fromanteel Amsterdam is the “Generations Chrono Blue“. This watch seamlessly blends the brand’s timeless elegance with the spirit of aviation, that last thing is maybe just for me as I find it a sublime watch to wear when I fly. The Generations Chrono Blue features a striking blue dial, reminiscent of the dark blue skies, and contrasting white sub-dials. The watch’s stainless steel case exudes strength and durability, while the leather strap adds a touch of refinement. A must have is the so-called “fold buckle”, especially crossing the security control 6 times a day. (blog continues below picture)

Equipped with a precise quartz movement, the Generations Chrono Blue offers exceptional accuracy and reliability. The chronograph functionality allows you to measure elapsed time with ease, making it a practical companion for those with an adventurous spirit. The stainless steel markers, reflecting the attention to detail with Fromanteel timepieces.

The Generations Chrono Blue not only captures the essence of aviation but also serves as a symbol of timeless style. Its versatile design makes it suitable for both formal occasions and casual outings, effortlessly elevating any ensemble. Whether you’re soaring through the clouds or grounded in daily life, the Fromanteel Generations Chrono Blue is a statement piece that embodies the spirit of adventure and ¬†craftsmanship.

Before I conclude, I must write down a few more thoughts. The arrival of my watch was accompanied by an unique packaging, which alone is reason enough to make a purchase, I assure you. Encased within a splendid leather case, the watch exudes exceptional quality even before unveiling its contents. Surrounding the leather casing, there is a distinctive “Jute zak” (the translation eludes me, but in the photo, it appears as a beige-colored bag). Those bags were once used in Amsterdam’s packing houses, reflecting Fromanteel’s meticulous attention to detail. A commendable touch, indeed.

Conclusion: Fromanteel Amsterdam stands as a testament to the enduring art of Swiss watchmaking. With its timeless elegance, the brand has carved a niche for itself in the horological world. From the captivating Generations Chrono Blue to the brand’s wider collection, Fromanteel watches are more than just timekeeping devices; they are exquisite works of art that honor both the past and the present. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, a Fromanteel watch is sure to become a treasured companion that will stand the test of time. (Now, I just hope my daughters will love my watches as I do.)

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This blog is a collaboration between Me and Fromanteel, I hope you enjoyed reading.