Hi, I’m happy to see that you found my website, please let me introduce myself.

I’m Raymon, from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (You might know this country from the stories about wooden shoes and legalised drugs.) I got raised in a place close to Amsterdam in the city called Almere. Almere is positioned underneath one of the arrival routes from Schiphol airport. I could see planes almost everyday flying over our house at about 3000ft. I didn’t came as a surprise for my parents that I was always following them until I couldn’t see them much longer. Luckily for me the next one came shortly after. When I went to secondary school I got motivated to work hard to become a pilot and have the controls of an aircraft one day. That hard work in school payed off, I finished my secondary school and went directly to the NLS (nationale luchtvaartschool) translated as National aviation school, later taken over by CAE. (now not existing much longer).

I started the NLS at an age of 18 and finished flight school when I was 20 years old. (surely I’ll write more about this in my blogs) After I finished flight school my best friend passed away in an aircraft crash which left tremendous marks on me, I got afraid of flying and it took me about 4 months to get into a aircraft again. I was unemployed for 1 year where I decided to take every job there was available in aviation even if it would mean cleaning the tires of planes.

I got a job opportunity given by a small company in Lelystad where I flew as a checkout pilot on a Cessna 172, not much longer after that I got a job as a pilot on C182 and C206 for parachute dropping overhead the south side of the Netherlands. It was an amazing time and surely in my blogs I’ll tell you more about that as well. After almost 5 years since I finished flight school I still couldn’t pay the bills with flying and tried to get a job in other companies. My luck started here, I found a job in CAE as an operator, cleaning simulators and preparing them for flight crews. After 1 year I got asked to become a Seat support pilot on the Challenger 300 build by bombardier where I got to fly the simulator if someone was needed. 1 year I was flying as a seat support pilot when I got hired for the company I’m still very happy to work for on the Challenger 300 with very nice colleagues.

That’s my life in short, if you want to learn more about me please stay tuned.

Below you can see parts of my life ever since I started in 2012.

Enjoy and nice meeting you!

Pilot Raymon