My days at the airport spotting planes.

I’ve been standing next to the runway of the airport Schiphol for as long as I can remember. My grandmother used to take me to the airport so I could watch airplanes. I’ve always known that I wanted to become a pilot. Instead of going to the zoo or pool, you could just put me some spot where I could watch airplanes. ¬†(here more about that) I could listen to the sound of the engine or just see the landing lights to tell everyone what kind of plane it was approaching. Listening to the radio and even I didn’t understand English at the time I did know the airline coming in. One of my favorites¬†of all time is still the MD-11, the size of that plane and the 3 engines. Some people love that aircraft some people hate it. I LOVE IT!

I was alwas fascinated by airplanes and that feeling never left me. So last year when I got my new camera I decided to make some nice shots on the airports again as I’m now closer to them then ever before. I dont even need to drive to the airport for it. So I decided to make a nice overal video at airports. I could practice my video editing skills a littlebit but also put 2 of my other hobbies together. Photography/Video making and Flying. So in the small 1-minute video, you will not see anything from the plane that I’m flying myself unfortunately but you will see a lot of other really nice shots of planes in slowmotion.

I hope you all like these kind of images the same as I do so I’ll post a few more in the future.

Down below you can check out the video that I’ve shot. Please feel free to subscribe on Youtube as well so you will see the video’s first and will not miss out on it.