I am a big watch enthusiast as most of you know meanwhile. (click here or here or here or here or here for some of my watch blogs) My automatic watch collection is getting bigger and bigger but with that also dilemma’s. The biggest dilemma is that most of my watches are not worn when I’m away from home due to work. This isn’t good for the watches.

As most schedules for me are 2.5 weeks on duty and about 2 weeks off duty. I only take one of my watches when I start my duty. The others are laying still in their boxes in a drawer. Not on display and just waiting for me to get back. When I return I change my (on duty) watch for one of the others. And I realised that thats a real pity. There are not enough days to wear them all and honestly I’m to lazy to wind them before wearing them. This means I’m only wearing 2 different watches per month, unless I want to wear a watch for a special occasion.

I was looking online for all the options and quite quickly I found out that there are plenty of watch winders on the market. But unfortunately a lot of them don’t have an overwind protection. Let me explain what that is: in every automatic watch there is a small spring that makes the watch tik, like a heart of the watch you can say. The best is to keep this spring not on full tention but also not on a complete loose tention because your watch will stand still. The danger of over-tention on this spring is that it looses power over time.

My wishes were quite specific. I wanted a winder that can show my watches without having to worry about this overwinding. Also the motors in the winder need to be silent as I want to put it as a center piece in my bedroom. This is where I found Benson Watchwinders online.


Benson has a big line of winders that offer what I want in a winder. I’ve never realised that all watches have an independent (heartbeat) so you can’t simply put all watches on the same rotation speed. For example my pilot watches need to be turned with about 900 rotations clockwise as my dive watch only needs 300 rotations counterclockwise. With the Benson I could program this without any difficulties.

Benson offers a few beautiful winders but I have chosen the Benson Swiss Series Four 4.20 Black. This winder has a build in LED light if I really want to showcase my watches. I can fit 4 watches inside this winder and this machine looks amazing. It is a piece of art on itself. I wear one watch and change within the winder without any problem. Just changing the rotation speed on the back side and you are ready to go. No more adjusting the time before wearing them.

Below a little video I’ve made off the winder that I currently have.

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