In my blog a few weeks ago you have seen that I have been spending a lot of time behind the grill last summer. I’ve had a lot of time at home because of Covid19. I’ve decided that it was time to Level up my cooking skills a little bit.

I always said if I couldn’t be a pilot I would be a cook. As the future showed I became a pilot. The obsession of being in the kitchen was always there. My parents had a restaurant for 20 years that didn’t help I think.

One year ago I moved to my new house and I finally found some space for a BBQ, so with the little money I had, I bought a BBQ and made really cool stuff on it but got difficulties getting the temperature right and was sicken tired of this basic grill. Then this summer was sneaking in and my neighbor bought a really nice grill called a Kamado. It is an egg-shaped grill that kept the heat inside, he was making the most beautiful things on this thing and I was grilling on my basic grill other stuff next to him but in double, the time, and I really lost all the fun in grilling.

I decided to explore on the internet if I could find a Kamado myself. On Instagram, I’ve put a few posts asking for advice and I came in to contact to Yakiniku. Yakiniku means grilled meat in Japanese. So you know where this is going right?

As we spoke for some time I had the opportunity to pick one up in the very south of the Netherlands where they showed me the “man cave” (showroom). Damn, so many pretty toys that you just want to take home but one stuck out. The Kamado Large grill, Actually the X-large was sticking out even more but I know what I could get in my care and the XL wasn’t an option.

I took the Yakinku Large grill with all the extra’s home with me and couldn’t resist to fire it up that same evening. Because the first few times you have to keep the heat relatively low was making fish the first day and I fired it up the second day just to heat up some veggies. After this, the fun started and I made so much stuff on in. Think about slow cooking meat, smoked salmon, potatoes, pizzas. think about something and you can make it on this thing. I used my grill almost every day during the summer. Now in the winter a bit less because it’s getting colder outside but still at least once a week.

Before I show you what I’ve made on this Kamado I would like to say something more… The best thing well that is the grill itself but the second best thing is the wood chipper. As far as I know, the Yakiniku is one of the only ones to have a wood chipper hole. That means if you are slow-cooking and you would add a smoke flavor to your meat or pie, you don’t need to open up the lit. Just add it with the wood chipper. (

I also took a Shichirin (table model) home with me (read here all about it). But I must be honest I used the large grill a few times before I opened up the Shichirin. Now I have 2 of the best grills at home and making so much stuff. Who needs a restaurant if you have a Kamado right? Below you can find some of my creations. Surely not all because I would have been too much. Ps if you don’t have a Christmas present Please have a look at this Shichirin. It is a very nice present.

On Instagram, I show you the things I make on a regular basis. If you want to see more.

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