What is your first aviation memory?

I remember that I was allowed to come with my father to his work for a day. He worked for a large company and had an office job. I never really understood what he really did there. When I asked, he explained it to me as if it was a company that spied of other companies.  They bought information from companies and then sold it to other companies. Exactly as I said before, this does not really make you any wiser.

I will come back to the subject. I was allowed to go to work with my father, there I met a lot of his colleagues, it was strange anyway because I am talking about the time of the first computers and everywhere those big telephones were still on the table. You can hardly imagine that now. This is also where I met Jerry. An Indonesian man who was good friends with my father at that time.

Jerry and my father spoke about flying and that I was already addicted to aviation. My Father told Jerry that my grandmother and I went to Schiphol almost every weekend to watch planes. My grandmother lived in Amsterdam at the time so it was easy to go back and forth to Schiphol Airport. At home, they were already busy setting up their own business so I was with my grandmother a lot

Return to Jerry. Jerry said he had a friend and we could fly with us once from Lelystad airport an airport near our house. 20 minutes by car from home. My first flight memory was born. We were allowed on a small plane. I never really found out what kind of plane it was, but I was in the back and we were allowed to fly around a bit. Remembering the sound of the engine and the feeling of flying really well. At that moment I really unconsciously decided to become a pilot I think.

I never wanted to get rid of this feeling again and it never left. 

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