Watch right into my heart.

It has been almost one year that I’ve started working together with Hamilton watches. Hamilton always got my attention when I was in front of a jewelry store, not only because of the nice watches they have but also of the small orange plane they use for their branding.

When I got into contact with Hamilton we spoke a lot about watches and the link they have with aviation but as well the link I have privately with watches. Most of you found out that I’ve always been into watches. So Hamilton did as well! We spoke about the watches they have and a few of them jumped out immediately. One of them you have seen in a previous blog (click here). The other one is a not so much a watch that will be related to Aviation but “DAMN I LOVE THIS WATCH SO MUCH”.

The timepiece I’m talking about is the: JAZZMASTER MAESTRO AUTO CHRONO. I can talk about this watch for hours. No jokes actually. I am madly in love with this watch. It shows such elegance, therefore, I am sure you can wear this beautiful watch to almost every event you have. Doesn’t matter if it is a sporting event or a wedding, this watch you can wear everywhere and will stand out. People will ask about it I promise. I use this one mostly when I’m in my off-days as I use the Khaki to work but even with the pilot uniform, this watch looks awesome. (see below)

I will tell you guys a bit of tech before I write a full love story towards this watch. The Jazzmaster is there in several sizes but as I have a big wrist, I choose the 45mm one. It has an extended power reserve what means it will be working for as much as 60 hours without moment. So, not a problem if you will leave it on your nightstand for 1 night. Well not for others but it will be for you because you don’t know what time it is.  It is a watch with big numbers on it which makes it easy to read. If you take it off the most impressive thing will be found on the backside. Because of its glass on the back, you will be able to see a big part of its movement.

If you have the same love for watches as I have I would advise you to visit the HAMILTON website to check out their history. I promise you it is very special (click here)

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