I’m sitting on my bed thinking about how my future might look like? Usually, I don’t think about this too much but lately, I’m thinking about it anyway. I’ve started my aviation career very young. I was 20 when I finished flight school in 2009. So already 10 years ago.

When I was a little guy I just wanted to fly, it didn’t matter if it would be a big jet or a Cessna 150. Really, I couldn’t care less about the type of aircraft. With age, I always started to shift my aim a little to something more. I guess that’s normal in every job or in life. So the same was with me. I give myself a goal and there is no option to fail. I just have to do it. After flight school, my aim was to get a job where I could fly a plane. As the market was collapsed there were not too many jobs available but somehow I worked my way in some companies and showed that I could work hard and didn’t complain. So my first job was flying a Cessna 172 to do check rides. I was not allowed to write the hours but I flew quite a lot and gave me a lot of experience. I needed actually flight hours that I could log so I got a job in a paraglide company to fly the Cessna 182 (my favorite plane to fly until this day). I was able to gain a lot of experience on this aircraft and got the opportunities to fly another type of planes as well. But as I flew a lot I wanted to set my goal a bit higher. Sure, my goal from the start was to fly the real deal but at that time it wasn’t that easy so I tried to work my way up.

I was doing some job interview but I was unable to pay my type ratings because the bank didn’t want to invest any more in pilots. I was almost going bankrupt so I didn’t have a lot of options left till CAE (a simulator company) offered me the possibility to become seat supporter on the CL300 (my current type). I worked a lot. nightshifts when done going to the simulator. 8 hours sleep in the car or 6 in my bed at home go to work and do a night shift. My colleagues asked me once when was the last time that I’ve seen daylight? I couldn’t honestly tell them. Nevertheless, because of CAE I was able to land my first job on a jet. They helped me with my type rating and the experience I needed.

I started in a private jet charter company after working for 2 years at CAE. I was / am so happy that they gave me the opportunity to fly. Learned a lot and it fastly came to my attention that for this kind of work you have to be some sort of flexible. It happens that you are somewhere and you have to stay some extra days or you got some days less. And after 5 years that makes me think. Do I want to stay this flexible for the rest of my life? I don’t know actually? at the moment it doesn’t bother me that much. Do I want to become a captain? sure. Do I want to fly on a different type of aircraft first? Is there a right answer? I don’t know.

I think I will just “Go with the Flow” and see where I end up?


  1. Loyda Amor Cajucom

    I think you should follow where your heart leads you… going with the flow is easy but sometimes it is better to go against the tides to where your heart will be most at peace. Whatever you choose, if its something from the heart, you will be happy. Hope for yout success in your career.

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  2. Joyce Felongco

    Just persevere. I know you are working hard and has started achieving your dreams one at a time. You are so admirable because you are willing to do anything to achieve your dream and have many times went the extra mile. Your efforts will pay off. I believe it will and for that I congratulate you in advance. A big warm hug for you 🙂

    blessings, Joyce

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      thank you so much Joyce. I try my best and everytime you have a setback to just push it back twice as hard to make it. have a good one. greetings Raymon

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