Rangsdorf abandoned airport

A few weeks ago I’ve spent some time in Berlin. My colleague and I drove for about 45 minutes to get to this abandoned airport.

It is the airport where Clause von Stauffenberg departed to try to kill Adolf Hitler during the second world war 2. The airport opened its doors in 1936 for arrivals of the Olympic games of that year. Now 2019 you see that nobody took care for such a long time and nature got its best of it. Plants growing inside the hangers and the assembly lines are completely gone.

In 1936 Rangsdorf airport was an airport for small sports planes but not long after international flights began from this airport. during the second world war, it was a military base and was the home of the Junkers. (airplanes).

In 1945 the airport was falling into the hands of the Soviet’s and remained in the hands of the Russians until 1994. The Russians┬ákept this airport as a production line for military aircraft as well after the Germans. If you walk around you will find a lot of clues that the Germans and the Russians have been producing there. This Airport was a good airport for the Russians in the time the German wall was still there.

The airport has been empty ever since and is accessible. Just be careful walking around because officially it is not allowed.

Check out the video below that I’ve made with my Camera.

If you want to visit this airport yourself… it is here:

I hope you guys found this interesting.

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