Let’s talk about drones. In the past 8 years, you could find them more and more. Also the discussions about them you could hear more and more.

In my case I love them. I started with a cheap drone about 5 years ago, simple and difficult to fly. With this simple one, you could film but you couldn’t see that you filmed. So with luck, you had a good capture and as I’m not often that lucky I never filmed anything nice. It would have been easier to put my camera underneath a weather balloon to get a nice movie. I flew into a tree after about 10 flights because this thing lost connection with the remote control. this was after reaching an altitude of 10 meters.

Last year I started with the DJI Spark. This drone had GPS on board and could hover. Perfect invention for a drone I must say. The camera (1080p) was good enough and you could take it anywhere. I was flying on a weekly basis and its great to film from above and just take pictures and movies. BUT! Yes, there is a but! You are not allowed to fly the drone everywhere. There are special rules where you can fly or not. Not near airports and not higher than 120 meters and you need to have a line of sight with the drone, and some more rules like not overflying cities, not above traffic, and not near nuclear power plants. But some of these rules are difficult to find out like the airport part.

When you are familiar with a place you know if there are airports around or not but if you are new to an area and you just want to see someplace from above you might not know if there is an airport. DJI made it a bit easier to tell you if you are in a restricted area but it doesn’t forbid you to take off with the drone. Sometimes it gives you no message at all so you really have to pay attention in different ways. I now always check UAV Forecast and the DJI go app before I fly my drone. These 2 apps help me find out if I can fly or not.

It scares me a bit that a lot of people are flying close to airports simply because they maybe don’t know that they are near or simply because they think its a new cool way to spot aircraft from above. This is so dangerous you can’t even imagine.

So everyone be safe and first find out if you can fly before you send your drone in the air.

In the video below you can see how I use my drone. Let me know if you like it!

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