(don’t) BURN BABY (don’t) BURN!

Guys today something pretty serious! I got approached by someone on Instagram asking me if I use sunscreen when I work in the cockpit? I first thought he was joking because well, I don’t. Only when I go into the sun for a longer time next to the pool I wear sunscreen before. We got into a conversation about sunscreen and that as a pilot I’m already more at risk because we are often in warm countries where we get direct exposure to the sun as it turned out this guy who approached me was a representative for Eucerin Sun.

I could give you a very boring story about how UV light workes from the sun but as there are video’s that can explain it way better and faster. Check out below.

I was a bit skeptic. Normally I only got lectured about this by my mother but now I got someone else who backed her up. The conversation proceeded and he told me about the risks and that even in the shadow your skin can be damaged. As I’m getting older (nobody wants to get older) I see more impurities on my skin after being in the skin. (click here if you want to know more about that) A month ago I got severely burned on the boat because of lack of pigment under my arm. He asked me if he could call me and talk about making people aware of this subject and I agreed.

We spoke on the phone and how some things happen we were able to meet in a city that I’ve just landed in. He is a representative of Eucerin and just launched a program to make all flying personal aware of the risks. Skin cancer is more diagnosed than any other cancer combined. I didn’t know this and I never put anything on. After this horror story, he gave me some products and I’m putting it on in the morning before walking out the door. It doesn’t hurt me to put it on and well, the cost is always less than going to the hospital. (bad joke but true)

We have been in contact and agreed to help people made aware of this a bit more. I now take 1 small packages in my flight case for on the way and one in my toothbrush bag and put it on my face every morning instead of day cream. Yes, I know I’m a metro man.

I’m not saying that you have to buy Eucerin for this but uhm, why not actually they gave me nice sunscreen so just buy EUCERIN sunscreen!!!! hahaha.

Pilots / Flying personal: For all the pilots who read this blog I want you to visit a special website by just pressing this link PRESS HERE. Here you come to a platform that is made for pilots to make you aware of the risks on your skin. Please visit the website, you can even win some awesome things. Something extra I want to tell to our pilot friends. I know that the windows of our planes have a UV filter but it doesn’t block the UV-A completely (the UV lights that damage DNA, see video above) So before flying or even better before going to the airport put on some damn sun protect.

If you want to know more about this competition from Eucerin for pilots? Just have a look on the video below:


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