I’ve been HACKED! (Instagram only)

Hi everyone, Bad news. Very Bad news.

Yesterday I found out that my Instagram account got hacked. I’ve tried to contact Instagram and Facebook about it but unfortunately, my account was unrecoverable as I didn’t know anyone who could help me further. I still hope that Instagram will soon respond but what I found out on google is that this problem can not be fixed. My website / Youtube and facebook account are not hacked so this will be the same.

With this being said I want to show you that everything is recoverable and starting a new Instagram page under the name: PILOT_RAYMON.

I know it is the same but then with an _

I hope you guys will follow me and tell your friend that my account changed to Pilot_Raymon on Instagram. I really need all of your help to make this account bigger again.

With kind regards and a big hug for everyone helping me in this situation.

Press here to find my new page…

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