My new BBQ!

My new BBQ arrived. Actually, it arrived some time ago already but I needed some time to test it before I could write about it.

One year ago I bought a BBQ when I moved out of Amsterdam. In Amsterdam (my apartment) it wasn’t possible to fire up a grill. I love to BBQ so one of the first things I needed ton have was a grill. I was a bit low on money when I purchased it and I soon found out this thing wasn’t gonna cut it. My friendly neighbour had the same problem and bought a Kamado grill and I fell in love with it. This was what I needed to bring my cooking to the next level.

The Shichirin BBQ

I started to look online and did some research. Turns out there is a lot of difference between different Kamado’s. More than I actually expected. I found a few that came close enough to what I wanted but I will write about that later. I came into contact with Yakiniku. They just released a new product, the Shichirin. I explained that this was not what I was looking for and thanked him friendly for his time but before I could hang up we just had a nice talk about what I do and what my vision is. He told me to pick up the Shichirin and try it out. Damn, I couldn’t get more wrong. This thing is great.

The Shichirin is a small BBQ that you can put on a table and everyone can sit around grilling whatever they like. In the Netherlands usually, 1 guy is in front of the grill making the food for everyone. As a host, you are mostly that guy. With the Shichirin you prepare the food before and join the quests at the table.

Like I’ve said before, I wasn’t that enthusiastic at first but that changed immediately after I turned it on the first time. I invited my neighbor (also a BBQ fanatic) to come for dinner at our place. I think he fell in love with this thing as well. The Shichirin is normally a traditional Japanese grill that makes people come together. This is exactly what this grill did. I think that they now want to have it as well.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen already how many things you can do with this little grill. I am happy I didn’t bet money that I would not like this thing because I would have lost the bet. Every time the weather is reasonable and we get friends over and I put on this one instead of the big grill. You can really enjoy the food and everyone can make his/her own food how they like it.

One more extra secret from the Shichirin is: And I’m pretty sure in japan they would kill me for saying this. But….. The Shichirin is also perfect for your Marshmallows. Honestly, I don’t allow anyone to make them above my Kamado grill. Kids can make them safely above the table grill without being afraid that they burn themself. As you can see in the picture (left) they turn out perfectly.

If you are not convinced yet (I can not imagine, I mean look at the marshmallow ) check out the website from Yakiniku (press here) and also check out this cool video below.



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