Most of you know that I’ve been in a collaboration with Hamilton watches for some time now. It has been so much fun to work with them. But before I start talking about 2 watches I want to tell you something about a trip I made some time ago.

I (by coincidence) had the pleasure of meeting the world wide Hamilton team. Because of my close contact with the team, I knew that my contact within Hamilton was also there. I parked the plane and went to the hotel. Got into a taxi and let me be dropped off in the city center of Geneva. Geneva is know worldwide because of its many jewellery brands that are based there. I have never been in the center before and when I arrived to meet up with the team they waited for me outside. I felt like a rockstar 😉

They took me inside and showed me around. I went inside a room. This was my ultimate dream. About 15 watch movements layed out on the tables in front of me. The watchmaker was explaining what each part does and how they work, what they do. He showed me how each watch was put together by hand and that they did it with a book showing piece by piece what part should be put in next. I tell you, if I wouldn’t have become a pilot I would do this.

I got the chance to take one of the watched apart and thereafter back together. It was the H-21 movement. The same movement I have in one of the watches that I own myself. (The Jazzmaster Auto Chrono) It took me some time but I was surprised how many moving parts are in a watch like this. What a piece of art. After about 30 minutes taking this watch totally apart, the watchmaker told me: “Alright, now we have to put it together again. I am not good at fixing things but with instructions and this handbook next to me I came a whole way. I put the watch back together in another 30 minutes or so. And it even worked after I was done with it. Yes, I was just as surprised as you are.

Now that story has been told!!!!! I fell in love with a watch the moment I started working with Hamilton but didn’t tell them. It is a piece that is special in every way. Its a watch that you can wear and people will take your wrist to have a look at it. No, it’s not the signature Ventura’s . No, was the Jazzmaster Open Heart Auto. It is a special model that has a see-through window that allows you to see what inside but in a subtle way. I was on a (high-class) party some time ago and got quite some compliments about this watch. It has a 80-hour power reserve and the band is made out of ostrich leather. How cool is that?! I think that this is a watch that you can wear every day but turned out not to be the best watch for flying because I always forget what day it is and it doesn’t have a day marker. So if you have a better memory of what day it is this is for sure a watch you should have. Below a video that shows you really well how nice this watch is.



Alright I promised you 2 watches. WHAAAT 2? Yes, 2 watches so let me start with the second one. You might have noticed that you can find me either in the air flying or on or in the water for snorkelling, wakeboarding, surfing or other water-sports. I used to have a dive watch but this one broke down a few years ago and didn’t want to invest money in this watch. For me, a watch must be reliable and as we call in the Netherlands: “tegen een stootje kunnen” (be able to take a hit). I solid watch that can were hold my lifestyle of extreme sports without me having to worry about my watch braking. Instead of investing (again) in my old watch (It was a Citizen). I decided to get a solid one from Hamilton. (also because I get a good discount 😉 ) The Khaki Navy Scuba Automatic was the one that I wanted but didn’t really know what color. The orange one would be the obvious one as I’m a dutch guy and thats just our colour but I was more attracted to the deep blue version of it. This watch is a classic diver with big dails that make it easy to read. Also, the glow in the dark of this watch is AWESOME. I sometimes light it up with my phone in the evening and I can still see it in the middle of the night. Well done Hamilton. This Navy watch has a 80-hour power reserve just like the Jazzmaster open heart.


So, If you didn’t know what to buy yet for Christmasssss!!!! Now you do.  —>

Oh wait, both watches come in a brand new protective case that is pretty nice as well. No joke.




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