I want to tell you something about the problems I have sometimes. Yes, my life isn’t perfect even if it sometimes looks like this on Instagram. Guys it just is not I can tell you! A very funny example below:

Usually, when I’m on duty away from home we stay in hotels, our company puts us (mostly) in good hotels. But in these 2 weeks, we often change our hotels as well about as many times as we have days on duty. Every time we have a hotel you have a new hotel room number. Now imagine on day one you get room number 325, then at breakfast, they ask you for your room number. Because your duty just started its no problem and you will remember your room number. Night two you change hotel in a different city in a different country. In this hotel, you get room 146. And this goes on for 2 weeks. After the first week, you sometimes wake up, completely des-orientated.

The worse thing is when you go down for breakfast. At breakfast, they ask you what is your room number. After this first week on duty, you have no idea. I tell you no clue what your room number is so……  you start to sum up all the room numbers you had in the last week until you have the correct one. Mostly you can make a joke out of it and they can somehow laugh about it.  Probably I am not the first one it happened with. But this time I had some kind of Koracov, I tell you.

I went out for some dinner with the flight attendant of our aircraft and came back to the hotel. I knew my room was on the 3rd floor and I knew how to walk there but I didn’t really remember the actual room number. Just that it was the for last room at the end in one of the side hallways. So I walked up there and tried the room key, Didn’t work. Uhm shit ok, different room lets try again. Nope. Shit. Next maybe? Did I get the sides wrong? I was confused. This hotel looked like a maze. I decided not to wait any longer. Needed to use the toilet so badly.

I went down to the reception and asked for my room number where they helped me perfectly. I took the elevator up. In the elevator, this lady next to me was arguing with her husband about something and as I like sensation, I was listening to them. I walked out of the elevator and guess what I FORGOT MY !$#%!T@#  ROOM NUMBER AGAIN. I had to use the toilet so badly … Ren down to the reception and this guy started laughing. “Don’t tell me you don’t remember your room number anymore”  “Uhm, OK I won’t tell you!” I went back up and I finally got it right. The stress, the horror! You would not believe how often this happens to people who stay in different hotels this often as flight crew.

I posted this on Instagram stories and I received so many messages from other pilots and flight attendants you wouldn’t believe! So I’m not alone. Made me feel less of an idiot.

Hope you like my fail action. And learn something from it. Take the little paper with your room number with you. click here for more.