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It is a bit of a Cliché to make a bucket list but I made one before when I was 20 years old and wanted to finish my bucket list before 25 years old. I told myself that I’ll make a new one every 5 years. Well very easy to say this: “I FORGOT”. So let’s start today with making a new one for the next 5 year. In the next 5 year, a lot of things will change for sure so will see how many will come true. It will be a mix of a lot of things and if you think I should add something or I forgot something or even better you can help me with an item please feel free to comment below.


  • See whales (the big fish) and if possible dive with them
  • Fly with a hot-air balloon
  • Bungee jump out of a hot-air Balloon (let’s combine them?)
  • Buy a house
  • Visit New York
  • Fly a helicopter (I’m scared of these machines that’s why I never did this before)
  • Go on a camping trip in the woods
  • Start a Family
  • Visit the Victoria Falls
  • Going into some natural hot springs while there are snow and ice outside
  • Jump out of a plane (I’ll do that this year as my former boss still promised me one jump)
  • Have an epic water gun fight in the park with friends.
  • Go with my brother on a trip
  • Dive with sharks or another special fish or place (manta ray = done, Whaleshark = done, Turtle = done)
  • Skinny dipping in a warm country
  • Get married
  • Make my own Ice-cream (I’m an addict I tell you)
  • Get my PPL back (private pilot license)
  • Buy a new Motorbike
  • Rent a motorbike for 1 day in South-Africa.
  • Get something nice for myself like an electric longboard or some other cool gadget.
  • Try to get more karma points by helping others
  • Go for a snowboard trip
  • Fly a taildragger
  • Visit Josco in the dessert (He flies for #Etihad, maybe they feel free to send me a free ticket?)
  • Make this Blog a success!!!


  1. Nimit Gupta

    Hi, Just read your bucket list, and these wish listings aren’t any impossible, or undoable though some of them could be procrastinated, due to money and time constraints. My personal favourite wish list of yours is, ‘ Go with my brother on a trip ‘. #GoForAllOfThem #Cheers

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