The move

Alright, a little story about pilots and moving a lot. I moved around quite a bit in the meanwhile but I’m planning on staying next time for a bit longer.

I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My parents came from Amsterdam, they took me to Almere where I grew up until I was 18 years old. Till this point nothing big actually. Within Almere, I just moved once and this was not even too far from each other.

Almere -> Almere -> Evora -> Almere. At 18 years old I’ve started my aviation study and this made me move to a small city in Portugal called Evora. At first, I didn’t really like Evora, I was living with 3 other friends but as I always lived at home with my parents it was a big step for me to move out on my own. I couldn’t even wash my own clothes. Ok, I could but it was always done by my mother for me. So Evora, 2300km from Amsterdam, I drove there by car so I was mobile during my flight school. At that moment there were a lot of other students so that overflushed this small city a bit with Dutch people. Good for tourism and the money in the city, the locals didn’t like all these Dutch people too much but realized it brought a lot of money I would say. After being in this city for 16 months it was time for me to move back to the Netherlands, back to my parents in Almere.

Almere -> Amsterdam ZO -> Amstelveen -> Almere. This far only 3 times. From Almere, I moved out to live with my girlfriend at that time in Amsterdam Zuid Oost (translated as southeast) also known as the Bijlmer. This wasn’t the best area to built a life, but as my girlfriend had a house there and I was living with my parents before I didn’t have a choice. After being with her for 2 months she told me she bought a house in Amstelveen, A town next to Amsterdam. Actually in between Amsterdam and Schiphol. This was a much better area to stay but as I broke up with my girlfriend at that time I had to move back to my parents again in Almere.

Almere -> Amsterdam -> Amsterdam -> Almere. From Almere I moved to Amsterdam back with my (next) girlfriend at that time, I first stayed in an apartment close to the Westerpark (very nice area) but after 6 months we had to move out as it was a temporary house for us to live in. We moved to the Prinsengracht. This Prinsengracht is one of the canals in Amsterdam. I stayed here for another 4 months or so before I broke up again with that girl. The apartment at the Prinsengracht was on her name so I had to move out AGAIN! Back to Almere to move with my parents again.

Almere -> Amsterdam -> Almere. As you can see Almere always has been a turn back for me. But lets continuous my story. From living with my parents again for a few months my father wanted me to move out for some reason. So I found a very nice spot close to the place I lived before on the Prinsengracht. This time behind one of my favorite bars in Amsterdam and I was in love with this place. Here I stayed for almost 5 years now. 5 years at the same spot. This place is in the middle of the so-called Jordaan and is one of the hotspots of Amsterdam (read here if you want to do a touristic walk through Amsterdam)

Here I met a girl that I, later on, asked to marry me. Petra and I decided that this place in Amsterdam was getting too expensive and small for us 2 so we started to look for houses around Amsterdam. As the prices are rising so much around the Amsterdam area we got forced to look at places like Almere. In Almere, we found a very beautiful spot close to the water, some beaches. A shopping area and not touristic at all. So we bought a house there in the summer of 2017. (read the other blog here) They still had to build this area from scratch so it would take some time to construct it. Now we are finally able to live here.


I really hope this will my final move for a while. I don’t feel like moving again and again. I’ve had enough don’t you think?

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