With this blog, I want to look back on 2020 a little bit.

We can agree on the part that 2020 wasn’t the best year right? For me it started quite well, at the beginning of this year I’ve been skiing with my family, my daughter was doing fine and until my birthday (March 14th) everything was going great. (here more)

On my birthday I was on duty and I’ve spent my day in de sun. We heard the messages about Covid19 in Italy spreading around but we didn’t worry too much at that moment. We went for dinner on the 14th and we received a call that some borders in Europe would be closed soon. The plans we had to cancel and made a plan to fly back to northern Europe the day after. Just in time because the border would close that evening. I flew back home on the 15th of March and wasn’t flying for over 3 months. I’ve had a lot of time to spend with my family and because of the good weather at home, I had the opportunity to master my skills behind the grill.

In July everything started to be a little bit better. With that, I was asked to start flying again. For a short period, It seemed that everyone had hope again and more and more things opened up here in Europe until the end of summer the second wave of Covid hit us. Restaurants had to close shop again and the flights reduced again.

In the winter it is usually quieter than in the summer but it really feels like the world stopped. I and I think nobody with me would have expected this to happen for such a long period of time. We are now just over 1 year from when it all started in Wuhan. The Vaccines are now spread. I have the feeling that with all these conspiracy theories the people are standing further from each other than ever before. People roasting each other online and why? For nothing. Be nice to each other.

I really wish that everything gets a bit better soon, elderly people are getting more lonely by the day and I must say I am happy when I’ll be able to give everyone a hug again. (Yes I like to hug people) I’m a “Hugger”, And hugging Tree’s is not my kind of hugging.

So now we are in the middle of December 2020 is almost over. I really hope for all of us that 2021 gives us back a bit more freedom and that you may be able to hug your loved ones without the feeling that you might kill them because of it.

Be safe. A virtual hug from me.

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