My Year 2019

For the last 8 years, I made a “My Year” video. I usually finish it earlier in the new year but I got lazy and this Corona thing didn’t help either.

2019 was one of my most exciting years so far even if it doesn’t show in the video. I’ve done so many things. Lets first check out the video before I’ll try to explain some things below.

So, pretty busy year, with some highlights like getting a baby daughter, moving into my new house, and flying my first crossing. But also things like spending time with my family, exciting flights around Europe and even got to take a watch apart and putting it back together again. If flying doesn’t work I might want to have a look into clockmaking.

If you want to check out more of my video’s please (CLICK HERE)

I started doing this about 8 years ago after a friend of mine asked me: “you are filming so often and so much, do you ever edit anything?” I answered: “no, never”. From that point on I started to pick up editing again. It became one of my hobbies again and made one of my most beautiful edits a year ago on my south-Africa trip. If you didn’t see that video yet, -> (check here)

In the meanwhile, I’ve done quite a lot of small video clips that I share on Instagram, Youtube and my website and honestly I don’t do that for fame but for the memories, how cool is it to show your children later when they are older the things that you have done when your were younger.

Thanks for visiting my website sometimes. I’ll try to keep up the work a bit more.


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