Social media a blessing or a burden?

I want to write a little bit about my private life that I try to keep away from social media.

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve got a baby girl last year. I became a father of a beautiful healthy daughter. Her name is Fay. I have received many nice messages on my DMs on Instagram about this. I really appreciate that. So, first of all, I want to thank the people who have to send me something.

Last year, when we found out my Fiancee was pregnant, I was not sure what to do with my social media pages. Should I include my Baby and my Fiancee or not? I was doubting so much that I even was thinking about shutting it all down and stop. As you can see I did not do that. Still going strong on social media. I’ve decided that it’s better to protect them from it.

Most of you are really nice and thoughtful towards me but I must tell you the backside of it all as well so you can understand why I’ve decided to keep them off it. The more followers I got the more creepy people came with that as well. There are people trying to steal my identity, it has not been a big problem to me as they are just attacking me personally but I don’t want people to use my daughter or fiancee to do the same with. These creeps are going very far in this. So sometimes I will be posting a picture of us but I will leave them blurred out to protect them.

So like you can see social media can be a blessing as it brought me so many nice things, and because of this I was able to meet up with so many new cool people but it has also its downside. These so-called copycats are using my name in the wrong way. Some people got even scammed. (read my blog about that here)

I hope you might have a better understanding now about what is going on and why I keep that away from the big wide net.

See ya!



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