Let’s talk aviation, Most of you most likely have been in a plane or are somehow connected to aircraft. Today I want to talk a bit about different planes because I find it funny how some people talk about a different kind of aircraft. I once before wrote a blog about “bigger is not always better”

As you might know, I fly the Challenger 300 and 350. Two aircraft that are really overpowered especially the CL350. This machine climbs like a rocket. A few days ago we flew with 4 passengers and it was quite cold with a high air pressure value. We had a normal amount of fuel with us.

Before us was an Airbus a320 taking off and after a while, we got cleared for takeoff as well. We initially could climb to 24000 ft which is quite high. The Airbus was also cleared to that same level. We could climb with 5000 ft per minutes for the first 3 minutes and took us to 15000 ft already. The Airbus taking off in front of us was at the same level at that moment. The tower could see how fast we climbed and told us to continue to climb till 30000 ft. As we arrived at that level we could see the Airbus below us, we almost overtook him already after a 10-minute flight. The guys in the Airbus laughed when we overtook them and made a horn noise on the radio as they knew we did everything to overtake them en they tried everything to prevent that from happening. But they had no chance.

Every plane is designed with a different purpose and ours is made to fly fast to a high level where it’s more fuel efficient. Some planes are made to bring a lot of cargo to a short runway, some are made for long flights and lots of passengers. Every plane has a different function. So instead of watching a plane and say that is a fat ugly plane thinks about the function it has. This brings me to the next blog that I’ll write soon. (flying green)

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