I had the opportunity to visit Iceland for the first time in my life. This country is Amazing with capital A! When we flew in and I saw the first land it already showed me landscaped I’ve never seen anywhere else before. It is difficult to describe it. I told my captain that this place looks beautiful even before we landed.

Normally if I have time on a destination I have never been before I do some sightseeing so that was my plan to do this time as well. As we landed the plane is started to get dark very fast and quickly went to the hotel. Relaxed a bit because I rented a car the day after to do some sightseeing.

In the morning we had breakfast and quickly after our pickup was there to bring us to our rental car. I took my Olympus camera, my drone and we went on our way. I planned some things that I found on google and marked as always the points on google maps to make a very efficient way of traveling. (here a full blog about how I plan) I’ve planned the Golden Circle route with some extras. We stayed in Keflavik so we needed the full day to cover everything.

First stop: The Faxi Waterfall, a smaller but very nice looking waterfall that you can see at the beginning of my video. (below) From there to the Geysir -> Gullfoss waterfall -> secret hot spring -> Kerid Crater -> Reykjadalur thermal river to end the day with the Blue Lagoon. Blue lagoon is a thermal hot spring, very nice and very big.

I can not say how beautiful this all was but I tried to film it as nice as possible with my Olympus camera and drone and make a short 1-minute movie. I hope you like it and visit this country. I surely will be going back there.

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