Electric longboard

This thing is amazing. I’ve got an electric longboard!!! Have you ever seen any of the video’s on youtube from Casey Neistat? He was one of the first who had such a board on youtube and I was in love with it from that moment but there are some disadvantages on electric skateboards/longboards at the beginning. To start most of them didn’t have a brake. They are not allowed in the Netherlands on public roads, so you need a board that doesn’t scream for attention or makes to much sound. Or uhm, looks electric.

I found the perfect match. The Exway X1, this is the first electric skateboard that I have seen that doesn’t really look like an electric skateboard, it is thin and has the battery integrated. I needed one, I really need one. This machine is amazing, silent and looks great. Because the electric motors are integrated into the wheels you don’t see anything that gives you the indication of an electric board. From the outside, it just looks like a normal board instead. The board has a small button on the bottom to switch it on and the upper deck is completely clean. You can see that the makers of this board are boarders themselves. They just want to have fun without compromising anywhere. The board has 2 electro motors, one on each back wheel and are able to give so much power. I’m living in Amsterdam where you have a lot of small but steep bridges and this board goes up without any problems. With the board you get a remote for controlling and its very easy to use forward scrolling is going forward and backward scrolling is braking. If you download the APP, yes they even have an APP, you can change the settings of the board, speed curves etc. But also the function of the brake can be changed to a reverse power. This board first let you drive 10km before HELLMODE is unlocked. This means you have access to 100% of the board’s power. I have been boarding a while now and this scares the crap out of me how fast it is. It goes faster than bikes, or even scooters. So I mostly go with a maximum speed of 18km/h which is less than half of the speed this thing can do. it can do 40km/h. So I’ve been driving around in Amsterdam and only real longboarders notice that I’m never stepping. Last week I went to the park and I was stepping from time to time just to see if I could override the board (yes this board also works without power if you want) and one really fast and experienced longboarder was boarding next to me and because he was faster than me I stepped up a notch, well I just put both feed on the board and gave power actually. within seconds I overtook him and then we both stopped. We had a talk about the board an I guess he is sold now as well. He took the board for a spin and he was absolutely surprised how it works.

So a little bit about the specs of this board before you can see my not so standard unpacking video of this board from Exway.

  • 2 brushless motors, less moving parts so less maintenance. 
  • Curved throttle response For smooth start-up.
  • Safe modes Limits Speeds & Gears if you want.
  • Dedicated APP Personalized for you!
  • Fault Protection Automatic Soft Brake.
  • E-brake function Easy to control.
  • waterproof & dustproof motors.
  • 30 % Climbing Performance.
  • 4.1 N·M Maximum Torque (loads of power).
  • Top speed 40 km/h.
  • length/width/height: 93.5cm/ 27cm /13cm.
  • Weight: 6kg.
  • With 1 charge you can ride about 16km depending on your weight and slopes. I made 12 and still had 1/5 stripes left.
  • The board has seismic trunks. (good stuff)
  • charging takes about 2 hours.

So without saying more. Below you can find my video of the first 2 days I used this board. I promise that you will find this board way more often on my social media feeds. What a winner, and makes doing groceries so much easier.


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