Future Flying

Will we be able to fly fully automatic in the future? That would mean no pilots in the cockpit anymore. I would say it is possible but will not happen for a while. If I see how much things are still going on in a plane or how automation sometimes fails. A pilot can still take over controls and do it manually. But I always use the example of what happens if you smell something funny? A computer can smell as well but it cant identify where it comes from and what the proper action on that is. (not yet at least). There are some ideas about Flight automation. One of these ideas is to make every plane like a drone, but honestly, would you get into an aircraft that is controlled┬áby someone on the ground? I wouldn’t. I don’t know what will happen in the next 100 years of aviation but I hope that my job will keep existing because flying is one of the greatest thing mankind ever established. Look how many things changed. We are now able to fly without problems over the oceanic. Or the way pilots navigate is completely different. We don’t only rely only on a compass and navigator that makes position reports. Ground stations can see our position together with the pilots, we can now see other planes before we can visually see them and things like this. The future will be better. I personally hope that we will be able to fly so sufficient that it will be possible to fly passengers electric or some other way that is ecological.

Below a video about history and future of aviation.

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