Sorry for my aviation geeks following me today something a little different.

Did you ever build a house? Or let someone build a house? It’s nerve-wracking I can tell you. Right now I’m living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in the city center. I love this town I really do but as we wanted to get a bigger house we looked around in and around Amsterdam but the prices of the houses increase so much that we were unable to finance that. Or we had to make the decision to get a little bigger house for the same money.

I was driving around in my old town Almere with the motorbike one day last year and saw that they started to build a new part of town close to the water about 20 minutes from the city center of Amsterdam. It looked quite nice but I didn’t want to go back to Almere. Like I said I’m pretty much in love with Amsterdam. This project stayed in the back of my head spinning around. When I was driving back to Amsterdam I decided to drive by 1 more time just to check it out. It looked nice and it was close to the beach so it wasn’t that bad at all. I arrived back home in Amsterdam and forgot about it a little bit because I wanted to have an Icecream (priorities). A day later I went back to my old town to visit my parents and Petra was on the back and asked me if I knew this new area. I told her that I drove by a few times last week and that I could live there. A week later there was an “open house day” you could visit and if you like it write your name down to attend a lottery to live there. Petra (my girlfriend) called me and told me all the information so we decided to do it.


We won the lottery, well not a money lottery but the one for the house. We had to get all the finances together and sign a contract for the house. Now about 1 year later they are starting to build the house and in about 10 months they should be finished building it and I have to move back to Almere. At first, the idea of moving out of Amsterdam gave me the thrills but in the meanwhile, I’m looking forward to moving to Almere as the neighborhood is getting a form and is looking better with the day.

Below you can find a video of the project. Sorry for the dramatic music.

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