Nothing but Crap..!

I want to talk about what happened to me at the airport. Let see who can relate.

Most of the time when we travel towards the aircraft we travel in uniform. Let us say that the aircraft that I fly myself is waiting for me in Londen than I have to take an airline towards Londen. So I got called by my company to take a train towards my aircraft instead of a plane. I had to go to Germany this time. Normally it’s very close so I took the train departing from Amsterdam Central station at 0715 in the morning. So I woke up quite early to make it on time. I ordered an Uber to pick me up and bring me to the train station, normally this takes about 5 to 10 minutes.  I ordered the uber at 0640 to be on time at the station. This driver didn’t come from Amsterdam so he was driving in circles but not coming any closer to my home. At 0700 he arrived at my place and I got in. I told him how to drive and told him to drive fast so I could still get my train to Germany. I had to run to the train station to make it but I was finally inside the train, sweating, and everything. Than just when I wanted to sit down my company called me and told me if possible please get out of the train. So I grabbed my luggage and ren out of this train. Standing there on the station I didn’t know what they wanted from me yet. I had to take a different train to the airport to take a plane they only didn’t know where to yet because the aircraft I was supposed to fly myself later today didn’t depart yet.

I took the train to the airport and upon arrival, I called operations to ask where they wanted me to go to and told me that London would be the destination. I received a ticket 20 minutes later to later find out that is was for a flight at 10:00. I could directly check-in my luggage and take a coffee. I was standing in the queue at Starbucks to grab a coffee when the next call came if I could take a plane to Italy. ITALY?? I just checked in for Londen? WTF…. “Yes please grab your luggage and we let you know”. I tell you it wasn’t easy to get my luggage back and it took me almost 1.5 hours but I got it back. The company booked me a flight to Italy in the afternoon to arrive at night. I had the longest shittiest day ever. Upon arrival, I was unable to even eat and my body was into a jetlag state of mind without even changing a timezone.

What a day and a great start to begin your duty don’t you think?


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