YESSSS!!!!!!! Finally, I can tell you all… A few weeks ago I started working with my new Camera, the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III. I was looking for a new camera that could replace my old one. I was looking for a camera that I could take in my flight case when I’m on the job but I also wanted to get the best quality out when I’m traveling around the world so I ended up looking for a so-called SystemCamera. I looked for a system camera, not too big and good quality that was able to film in 4K.

I used to have an Olympus camera before and was happy with this one but I didn’t have the money to replace it so in the meanwhile I used the mirrored camera that I often borrowed from my mother out of 2010 after my compact camera from Olympus. This camera that I used to borrow from my mother was too big and heavy to take with me on my travels and my telephone made better pictures already than this old mirrored camera. Also, this camera was not able to film anything so it was just time to replace it and look for a new one. After reading for hours about all these different cameras and functions I found out that there are 2 camera’s from Olympus that I could buy that would able me to film in 4K. The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II (body only from €1699,-) and the  Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III (body only from €649,-). Price wise the MARKIII was better fitting to my wishes and as I didn’t make any pictures on better camera’s I thought this was the better choice for me at this moment. I was thinking that if my productions and pictures will go up a lot I could have another look in a year or so.

Olympus launched their first OM-1 camera in 1973 and the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III  is almost a perfect remake of this camera from 1973. But there are so many things that changed. To start one this one is completely digital and the one from 1973 had a photo roll inside. All jokes aside as I was looking through the website from Olympus I found so much information about the camera but I wanted to have the camera in my hand before making a decision about it. I was trying this camera in the store for about 30 minutes and it was surprising how easy this camera is to use. (More about this later) I left my wallet at home so I won’t buy out of emotion so I could sleep on it 1 day. So I did but in my head, I just want to have it before I go on holiday in August. The day after I woke up and decided to write an Email to Olympus for what I do on Instagram and if they would like to collaborate with me in any possible way and told them about my work and that I travel a lot. We spoke about what camera I had in mind and if it was possible to collaborate with Olympus. They agreed to this and I’m now able to test this brand new Camera!!!!

As I spoke with Olympus about the camera and what I was looking for we quickly agreed on the camera and the lens that is with it. As I told you before it has been a while for me that I’ve been taking pictures with a semi-professional camera but I remembered that in the past I used a Tele-zoom lens for sports and nature photography and that with a 42mm lens I wouldn’t be able to shoot pictures of the sports that I practice or from the cockpit shooting pictures at high level from other planes.
The conversation changed from camera’s to lenses and we kept talking about this for almost an hour. In the end, we both agreed that the 14 – 150mm 1:4.0-5.6 II M.Zuiko lens would be a great addition to the standard 14 – 42mm 1:3.5-5,6 EZ Pancake lens from M.Zuiko. With this Tele-zoom lens, I would be able to take pictures inside the cockpit but also zoom-in on that plane flying below us with 3000 feet (1km) difference without changing the lens every time for close-ups in the cockpit and then change to a zoom lens if I would see something nice outside. And most likely if I would have to do that I would probably be too late as planes fly with 1800 km/h in opposite direction. The Tele-zoom lens would be the perfect combination of both worlds. Next to flying, I was keeping in mind my upcoming holiday and that we go on safari. Looking for wildlife that is not close to you it would be better to take a zoom lens so I wouldn’t wake up a lion while trying to get the perfect portrait of him and putting my camera direct in his face. I would probably wake him up if I’m standing 1 meter in front of him and he would then most likely eat me as dinner. The Tele-zoom is in my case the perfect combination with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III.

I’m now working with the camera for about 2 weeks while writing this blog and I must say the camera is very easy to use and get used to mostly because of the easy to turn buttons on top of the camera to change the camera setting. Something else I must say I really like is that there are 2 ways to make pictures. The first way is with the big touchscreen (3″) that you could flip over on the back of the camera that I use mostly. Or the other one is the electronic searcher. This thing is FAST, Really FAST. It is equivalent on the little window on your camera’s that you put your eye on. This Electronic searcher has almost no delay whatsoever and refreshes with 120 frames per second. (a person can only see around 24 frames per second I think) PS this little finder is OLED. (thumbs up for Olympus)

Almost all the pictures in this post are made by me with my new camera from Olympus except the picture of the camera itself.  Below you can find my “Unpacking” video from the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III.


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