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I had no Idea about Instagram at all. My brother told me that I would like it because its only for pictures and as I already was posting only pictures it was an easy switch for me to make.

I started by uploading pictures from holidays where I didn’t show my face. Pictures of nature, sports, and some pictures of me and my family. I didn’t have special pictures or anything on it but just like with Facebook to show everyone what I was doing that day. I wasn’t a pilot on a jet yet.

The best pictures I had made I showed people when they visit me at home on my TV. Some of my friends told me that I should do something with these pictures. And at that moment I realized that I would post them on this Instagram. I’ve been posting daily and my followers grew more and more until I’ve hit about 4000 followers. I still loved posting pictures of my travels and everything that comes with that. I was in the meanwhile hired on a private jet so I posted more and more views from the cockpit out and from that moment on I didn’t really grow in followers either. It was not my goal to grow but It was nice to be appreciated for the pictures I made at that time. I wanted to get 5000 followers, it sounded like a lot at that time. I still think it is a lot actually.

One day I posted a picture that a flight attendant made of me stepping into the aircraft. I was happy because I’ve just ordered a new GoPro to make some more movies about everything around for “my yearvideo’s” (press to check it out) Before this picture I had about 200 likes on my pictures and with this photo it went up to 700 around that time so I was a bit shocked. I didn’t post any photos in uniform before but apparently, it was what people wanted to see more so I started to experiment a bit on my page. Sometimes I posted a picture in uniform to see what happened. My followers grew every time I did this and my pictures got more likes every time. I got more active and followers started asking questions about aviation. As I’m quite passionate about this I loved to answer and tried to answer everyone’s question.

In the meanwhile, I have about 30.000 followers and it takes a lot of time to post on Instagram on a Daily Basis. I’ve been posting more aviation related topics instead. In the meanwhile, I have some nice collaborations with some cool brands that I really stand behind. My intentions were not to become commercial on my page and just wanted to inform people about flying and the lifestyle around. I now collaborate with some brands and I see it as a present for me for doing the work online. As it is not possible to get into a cockpit anymore this is the new way of having a glimpse in the cockpit and the lifestyle that comes with it. I try to show you that a serious job doesn’t have to mean that in private situation you cannot do nice things and that there is a possibility to combine it all.

I want to thank everyone for following and reading my blogs. I really appreciate it. It takes a lot of time to do this all. (I cannot complain I get a lot of Love for it in return.)

Hope to see you around and I always try to answer your comments on Instagram. 


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