Its that time of the year again… and it’s not even Christmas or my birthday… New TOYS… No, I’m not talking about Toys-Toys but real toys. Because boys like their toys. So today I write something about my new toys: DRUMS PLEASEEEEE!

No, First I have to tell you something else. About 1 year ago I started to grow a little faster than normal on Instagram. At the moment I have quite a bit of followers all over the world who like to see more about the lifestyle that I’m living. Some time ago I got approached by a brand that is connected with aviation already for 100 years. Of course, I’m talking about HAMILTON Watches. If you didn’t know already that they are focused on pilot watches you haven’t paid attention the last few years. (read here the last 100 years). More or less every high-end jewelry shop has this orange miniature aircraft in its window with Hamilton on it. This plane is a miniature copy from the planes they use for the Redbull air races. (More below the video)

Hamilton and I got into contact about one month ago and spoke about the possibilities of working together. I really do like this brand and because I’m flying it made sense to talk together, right? Hamilton has a big history in aviation. (You can read that here if you didn’t already check out the video above.) So, we decided to work together. We spoke about the possibilities of a collaborating and I can proudly announce that I’ll be working together with Hamilton Watches. (FIREWORKS!!!)

So before I reveal the watches that you will see me wear I want to tell you what happened before. When I started to talk with Hamilton about what kind of watch I wanted to wear I made a list with watches that I really love. Hamilton got noticed the first time for me when I saw this triangular watch signing for Hamilton as a child. It’s not my style so I didn’t want that one but I knew the brand and their watches because I’m always before every jewelry shop looking inside to the watches (not only their watches but all of them it’s like my secret fetish). One of the watches that always grab my attention is the pilot watch (Khaki Aviation), they look robust and ready to survive almost anything. There is this other line of watches that took my eyes away from the Pilot watches towards something I haven’t seen before. It’s like the triangular watch something special and defining Hamilton as a brand I would say. It’s an automatic watch with an open casket. You can see the internal clockwork of this watch. The watch I’m talking about is the Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart collection its something special, different. It’s a watch that people would notice. At a party would take your hand and ask you about the watch. In this same collection, there is one watch bit more Classical/traditional, something you could wear anywhere at any time. SO NOW FINALLY! These are the watches that I will wear. DRUMS PLEASE!!! (the drummer must be tired of me right now)

  • The HAMILTON JAZZMASTER MAESTRO!!! (Left) Yes, I really do get over excited when it is about watches. What a beauty.
  • And the HAMILTON KHAKI AVIATION X-WIND!!! (Right)Because, well, uhm I’m a pilot and I love the watch. Looking forward to wear both watches with a lot of pride and joy.


Pretty stoked to work together with Hamilton watches, and now my next dream is to secretly steal the aircraft from Nicolas Ivanoff or Pete Mcleod  (both Redbull air racers) or maybe if I just ask nicely that they allow me to fly with them for 1 or 2 rounds. If you (Pete / Nicolas) read this send me an email. 😉 (I must have dreams, come on!)

The featured image I took from here (linkRedbull)


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