In the past few months I’ve been traveling a lot and every time I was packing my stuff I found out that I was packing way too much, for the bag I mean. Like in the past, going to school and you need to have 20 books with you for that day but you don’t want to look like a dork so you bought the fashionable bag that all your friends have but only fit 5 books. You wouldn’t say but at that time I was the guy who wanted to be fashionable.

Lately, I see lots of places but I want to take a lot of stuff with me like my drone, my system camera, my GoPro + Grip stabilator, my laptop and of course all the chargers. I had this Eastpack kind of bag before and it just fitted my laptop and that’s it so I decided to look for more other brands that offered what I wanted. I started looking with the brand I just have for my flight case Wenger as this one I’m using happily for a few months already. First, something about my mission to find one:

I wanted to have a bag that would be able to fit all my Electric gear and I could bring anywhere without feeling strange. In strange colors etc. So a simple black backpack with enough space to fit it all. Doesn’t get any easier than that right? You are wrong, with a lot of brands I was unable to find that because they have big logo’s on it or ART things painted on it.

As I said before I was using my Wenger trolley already for some time so I looked on this website to find a nice backpack from the brand I already knew. After about 3 minutes I found 2 bags. The Wenger Transit and the Wenger Sidebar. Both backpacks are Black and have 26 liters so that means I have enough space. to take all my gear. As I was on a mission I started to get closer. I always read everything about the product I want to have to I did as well about these bags. The bags are more or less identical except that the Transit has more pockets and that is easy because in this way I could fit batteries there for easy swapping. And lenses for the camera so I could easily change without reaching in the bag and trying to find it with all my luggage. The Transit has 1 little pocket on the back with a red label. I call it my remove before flight zipper. This one I always put my keys in. Easy to reach and I always forget where I put them. With this, that problem is solved.

I travel with the Wenger Transit  a lot lately, take it skating, skiing, on the motorbike, everywhere.

So if you are looking for a new backpack stop looking any further and take one of these.


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