This year I was not planning to go on winter sport! That plan failed completely and in March we went anyway. I was on duty when Petra called me that she really really really wanted to go skiing. First I thought she was joking but after she hung up the phone she started sending me links to apartments in Austria. Yes, she really wanted to go and there was nothing that I could say to convince her not to go. Actually, I did not want to convince her not to go because I love Snowboarding and skiing. (Yes, I know its summer in the meanwhile but I didn’t find the time to write about it before)

We booked some days in a small village in Austria, 1 hour away from Salzburg. The conditions of the piste where perfect as fresh snow fell the day before we arrived with the car. We arrived in the evening and decided to rent all the stuff in the morning. At 0830 in the morning, I rented ski-shoes and skis. 15 minutes later we bought the passes to use the lifts up. Another 15 minutes later we sat in the lift up itself.

Anyway…. I wanted to tell you something funny about this village. About 16 years ago I went with my parents to this same village for our first ski holiday. As it is not too big we came across Petra’s family as well as we knew them already from our hometown. We didn’t know that they were there and we didn’t spend so much time together but now 16 years later I’m going to this same village to ski with her.

So I was telling you about the ski holiday. It was great. 4 days in the snow. It’s something I love so much! This year I started skiing again because Petra is skiing. I prefer snowboarding but skiing is also so much fun.

In the video below you can see some parts about the Ski-holiday and how unstable a 1 meter 86 guy can stand on skis. I hope you like it.

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