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I often get questions about the gear I carry with me for my photo’s and movies that I make. I use mostly my mobile phone because I always have that with me. I don’t walk out without it. But if I know I’ll go into a city that I don’t know or I’ll go out and I know that I am going to make a movie that I take more equipment.

Like I said before I mostly use my mobile phone, a Samsung S7 with a 12megapixel camera and can film in UHD (4K) but mostly I downscale that to 2,7K or 1080. That’s enough for Instagram and youtube for now. My phone is easy to carry and fast to start but it’s not a professional camera and you see this in the quality when you edit this footage.

The second camera is my GoPro Hero 5 Black. Before I had the Hero2 but that didn’t do the job anymore. I decided to replace it with the Hero5 this year and I’m happy I did. It films 4K with 30 frames per second or like I do more often is downscale it to 2.7K with 60 frames per second and film in a linear view. This looks more or less the same as with my phone and I can stabilize it with my editing program without too much info gets lost if I export everything in 1080p (HD). The GoPro has build-in image stabilizing but I found out that often that’s not enough. I bought the GoPro Karma Grip with it together with my GoPro for stabilizing and this thing is great. I used it in my Indonesia movie a lot and it looks sometimes even professional for my amateur knowledge of video making. (Video link click here) If you film often and especially when you film sports or thing that look awesome in slow-motion than surely take the GoPro. It’s easy to take with you and a better camera than your phone especially with stabilizer. The only disadvantage I found on this combination is that the stabilizer is not Waterproof.

DJI Spark drone with me. It’s like the karma easy to carry and mostly when you go somewhere you know before if you are allowed to film there with a drone or not so you can decide before if you take it out or not. The Spark is smaller than the DJI Mavic to carry with you and the Spark can even be flown out of the palm of your hand. (Link to full review CLICK HERE) The camera on the Spark has a resolution of 1080p with 30 frames per second and is already stabilized with a gimbal-like on the Karma Grip. For photos, it has the same as my phone camera a 12-megapixel camera. I’m in love with this little machine, you can carry it with you and is light to carry with you, even when using it people don’t pay to much attention to you while flying it. (example video click here)

And last I sometimes for photos carry a Canon EOS out of 2009. An old camera from Canon with a 12megapixel camera and no options for filming. This is the first thing that I would like to replace as soon as I have to money for it because the quality is really bad. I don’t even take it with me anymore because there is not a film option and the images are the same as with my phone. I did like to make photo’s a lot with this camera but because its now 9 years later the quality of this camera is not what it was in the past.

I’m trying to safe money for a new camera like the Sony a6500 to upgrate but its still way to expensive right now for me so you all have to wait for better quality pictures and video’s for now.

So these are the camera’s that I use. If you have any questions regarding this feel free to comment below.


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