What is the perfect flight bag? It depends on how you want to use it and how much space you have. As I started flight school 10 years ago I had this very big traditional pilot bag and everything fitted in. This thing was massive, 43 liters. My supersized headset and camera and books and clothes fitted in. It was the perfect bag for a small holiday but not good to take to work or in the cockpit.

I decided to buy a smaller one when I got hired on the private jet. I took a pilot case that was 16 liters and fitted my laptop and the charger for it and my logbook and could be carried around the shoulder. Here I messed up. I went to work for the first day and saw that my captains carried a completely different kind of case. These guys are in aviation for over 20 years in the meanwhile so I started to think about the reason why they didn’t carry a smaller version with them. After 2 months flying a private jet, it came clear to me that I made a mistake buying a 16-liter shoulder bag. This bag had no wheels either. I didn’t want to throw it out because I paid way to much money for my 16-liter bag but I didn’t have money to buy a new one with everything that I needed in a bag.


I made a list of everything I wanted to have in a Pilot bag and looked for a suitcase that was fitting with my wishes. My list of demands for a pilot-bag:

  • It needs to have wheels.
  • A zipper instead of a click system because this opened up every time in the taxies.
  • Some strap on the bag so it could fit on top of your normal suitcase.
  • Between 20 and 30 liters.
  • At least 1 open space to put my camera’s in. I want to have my camera and drone with me in my hand luggage and not in my big suitcase because there is a chance that it will be stolen.
  • Separate space for my hard disk.
  • A soft coffer around the laptop area.

So I started looking online and found a lot of brands that advertise with pilot bags but as I didn’t want to be the idiot I was before I came out to this brand called Wenger. This brand offered what I wanted in a pilot-case and was not as expensive as the others because I didn’t win the lottery after all this year. Wenger is part of Victorinox. A brand I knew already. I googled about the quality of these bags and both came out good. They had 2 kinds of cases that I looked into: the Wenger Patriot and the Wenger Potomac. The Wenger Patriot (25L) is the little bigger version of the Wenger Potomac (23L). They also have the Wenger Granada (24L) but I liked the other 2 better.

The Potomac is for me the easier choice because I could fit it in the back of the aircraft easier. I ordered this bag and within a day I got it home. (For the Dutch and Belgium followers click here) In the pictures, they use the back pocket of the bag for clothing but as I have a big suitcase for that with me when I fly, I use the part for clothes for all my camera gear. Without any problems, my GoPro Karma grip, drone + remote and Canon DSLR, Laptop and logbook fit in. The 23 liter Potomac is more than sufficient for me and is big enough. And a nice extra of it is that when you order it you get a small laptop bag as well for a 15″ laptop. The same for the Patriot, if you need a bit more space or you can place it in the cockpit take this one.

So I would highly advise this bag as I’m very happy with my new trolley. So from now on “They see me rollin”

Everyone in the “BeNeLux” I strongly advise to shop here. at Laptoptassen-online.nl









This was a non-paid collaboration.

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