Forget it!

What? Dementia? I thought this was an aviation/lifestyle blog? Don’t worry, it is. I did get 1 year older a few days ago so maybe! 😉

In 2011 I was flying in the south the Netherlands as a parachuting pilot. I wasn’t flying the parachutes I was shaking the passengers out at 3 kilometers. In the time I worked there I met a lot of very nice people and became my friend. (Yes, I do have a few of them.) One of the guys I met was a video editor and made awesome video’s. That year I bought a GoPro so I thought I could do the same. I WAS WRONG! I had no idea how to edit anything on my computer so I downloaded a free program and put something together on the days the weather was bad. I started to get better and took a different program from Sony to edit my video’s with. After a while, I shot so many videos with the GoPro camera that I couldn’t find anything that happened or footage that I wanted to use. So much footage and no time or interest to watch them all. This friend of mine who did video editing was making a video of that year and I had a little lightbulb above my head. I could do the same. Take awesome footage or things with a lot of meaning to me and edit it together. If I grow older and might forget things I can watch the video’s and see what I’ve done in a nutshell. Or if I ever get children they might find it interesting to watch what their dad did when he was much younger? Or, just maybe he is writing a blog and people following and reading these blogs would like to see them? Just maybe. So below you can see the video’s that I’ve made through the years starting in 2012.

What year did you like most? Let me know in the comment section below!

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