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Today I would like to tell you why I started the blog in the first place a few months ago. It came up when I spoke with a friend of mine who develops websites. He told me that I should think about it because it might be interested in a long-term basis. At first, I didn’t want anything to do with that but as time past bye I decided to look into it a bit more and spoke with Petra my girlfriend about it.

LET’S DO IT! I started with Instagram at the beginning of 2017 by posting some photos in the cockpit and around planes and that was successful apparently and with the followers that connected I got on a daily basis more questions about being a pilot or becoming pilot. At first, I answered all of the questions that people asked me on Instagram via private messages and public messages but when I passed 20.000 followers on Instagram it became almost impossible to answer all questions so I decided to make a Question and Answer video on youtube. (see below) I couldn’t keep up with the questions even on youtube at all. So I wrote some of them down and I could answer them in a more general post on Instagram but I lost the paper and decided to start a blog where I could explain more.

I had no idea what I could write about so after a lot of thinking I decided to write about Flying, Travel, and things like this and reviews of products, hotels, ice creams and whatever.

I’m not 2 months busy with the blog and I like it, I got good and nice responses from people about the blog and I hope to inspire people with it.

If you have any question that you want me to answer about aviation or my private life feel free to ask it in the contact form or in the comment section below.


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