In 2007 I bought a sweet wallet from Oakley that I loved. I used it every single day for the last 11 years until the end of 2017 it came till an end. The leather of the wallet was done. The fabric inside was heavily damaged so I was looking for a new one. A new wallet but I wanted something smaller. Something WAY smaller. After some time and searching the WorldWideWeb, I found one. The Wallet from ManiWonders.

There are so many wallet brands on the market but just like a watch, it has to be something that fits you. Like women have a purse. Man need a good wallet and a nice watch. So I wanted something that could hold my cards and wasn’t easy to make money with these modern thieves. RFID protected, yes I needed to look this up because I only knew that people now can go with their mobile phones to your jacket or close to your wallet and get money (max 25 euro) of your bank account without breaking a sweat. So I was looking for something a bit more safe than my previous leather wallet.

As I was scrolling on Instagram I found a Kickstarter project called ManiWonders. But this one was already in production. It looked slick and small, just what I was looking for. A simple black wallet that was thin and protected. The only problem was that I couldn’t find a store in the Netherlands where they sold it. Damned, this only happens to me I tell you that. I saw on their website that they did worldwide shipping so that was easy.

I received the wallet by post and use it for a few weeks now, and must say I’m quite positive about the wallet. Because of my traveling, I always have a lot of cards with me. It fits in and all the cards that are so-called wireless are secured inside the wallet. It feels good in the hand and the cards will never fall out like they do with some other brands because there is a top cover on it. No screws nothing. Yes, I’m a bit in love with my new wallet. Below you find my (first) unpacking video ever!

If you have any questions regarding this wallet please let me know in the comments below.

(This post was an unpaid collaboration with ManiWonders)

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