You call it Amsterdam, I call it home! Yeah, my city in the Netherlands. Its such a great city, well actually it is small it isn’t GREAT at all…! In Amsterdam everything is walkable, the only reason why you wouldn’t is that it is pouring rain or you are just a lazy ass like me. I can still walk through the city on a street I walked in maybe over 2000 times and still see new things that I’ve never ever seen before. In this blog, I’ll write down a few things that I think is a good 1-day tour starting at Central station.

With this Route, you find everything you need on a 1-day trip.

You start at Amsterdam central station and walk towards the 1.) Haarlemmerstraat, in this street the first stop is for the people who DO NOT FLY! It’s a coffee shop 1 of the most famous ones called the “dampkring”.  After you picked up (do not smoke or eat immediately) your daily dose of green you walk towards “winkel43” here you order a cup of coffee and an Apple-pie with whip cream. I tell you it is the very best in Europe, they told me once that on a good day they sell over 60 pies. After this you can walk to “Monte Pelmo” this is an ice-cream shop and one of my favorites in Europe, the best thing is that it is almost next to my house. (so now you know where my home is) after this, you walk back to the Anne Frank house on the Prinsengracht. Its always so crowded here, if you really want to go in trying to get tickets before or find other ways to skip the queue. When you are done with the cultural stuff we continue our walk towards the Bar called “Cafe van Zuylen” here you order a portion of traditional “bitterballen” and a special beer called “La chauffe” (its a Belgium beer don’t tell anyone). So now you had food, a drink and you got your green with you. DO NOT SMOKE IT YET! Because if you do you will not know where the “redlight district” is. We walk further to “Dam square” cultural thing nice to see and go to the next thing called ” Wynand Fockink” this is a distillery for liquors. The oldest in Amsterdam and one of my favorites together with cafe the “Blaffende vis” here in Wynand you order a liquor to your taste, I would recommend a Hansje in de Kelder”. I hope you liked it because then we can continue our walk towards the “redlight district” at the “ouderzijds achterburgwal”. Be careful lots of pickpockets you have here. Anyway, on the ouderzijds achterburgwal we turn left until the small bridge where you see the church. If you walk around you walk back on the achterzijde achterburgwal and walk back towards the Dam via the “Damstraat”. A nice shop is “the old man” for board stuff. When you are on the dam you can walk into the “Kalverstraat” this is the main shopping street and will turn right into the “Leidsestraat” towards “Leidseplein” this whole part is shopping. Now after leidseplein there is a big park called “Vondelpark” this is where you let your legs relax a bit and light up that green garbage that you had in your pocket the whole day (for the non-pilots) for the pilots buy a beer somewhere or a cola. Its already around 1800 right now and you walk towards the “foodhallen” here you can eat and drink whatever you want, sushi/burgers/pasta whatever…. When you are done and full you walk back towards “leidseplein” and look for the Bar NJOY. This cocktail bar you have to be dressed normal/decent and relax with a nice cocktail. If you didn’t have enough yet you can continue in this street to 1 of the many discos and bars. anything you like. From this moment you are on your own to find back your hotel.

If you did this trip please let me know what you think of it below in the comments.

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