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People who follow me on Instagram already noticed, I have a few addictions. One of them is WATCHES, I really can’t get enough of them. I want to talk about the watches I use for flying.

I use 2 watches for flying. The Tissot T-Touch Titanium and the Tissot PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph.

Let me first tell you that I know that it is crazy that I have 2 watches only for flying but it is a hobby for me. I can really enjoy looking down to my wrist and just enjoy to see that clock ticking. I’m not wearing other jewelry that often but I do always have a watch on my wrist. I feel naked without them and it is an item I would never ever forget when I would go back to work. If I would count how many times I have a glimpse at my watch on a working day, you wouldn’t believe.

I’ll explain why I chose these 2 watches:

The Tissot T-Touch was my first watch and after 6 years I still love it as much as the day I bought it. Its made out of titanium and feels very light. If you see the watch you wouldn’t say it is that light but you almost don’t feel it around your wrist. This was not for me the reason why I bought it. The name of the watch already gives it away… it has a touchscreen. It combines smart options with a normal analog watch. If you press the big T shaped button on the side you are able to use the T-Touch options like meteo, altimeter, Chrono, compass, altitude difference meter, thermo, 2 alarms,second-time zone, calendar, countdown timer and backlight functions for the small screen on the bottom. In aviation you don’t use all the options because we have a pressurised cabin it means the altitude indicator in the watch tells you the cabin altitude and not the real altitude from outside the aircraft. The timezone option I use a lot, for example my first setting is my Local time at home and my second time setting is UTC time. (this is the time we use in aviation) as well with the date function that you can change easily turn back to. Also this watch has a OFF switch, because I use 2 watches the battery doesn’t wear off when I wear the other one. As I said before the watch is very light and has a folding clasp buckle with push-buttons to release. This is convenient because with customs you have to take of your watch and with this you are very fast with putting it on or taking it off.


The other watch I use for flying is my Tissot PRC 200 Automatic . This watch I got recently, I fell in love with it when I was walking in one of the biggest department stores (Bijenkorf) in Amsterdam. First I saw the PRC200 (chrono) and than my eyes got pulled away to this black plated watch. I asked the girl to help me and I noticed that this watch was the automatic version, it was a bit heavier than I was used to wearing the T-Touch, but I fell in LOVE really! The PRC200 is what I would call a sporty classical watch. You could wear it to the football match from you local club or with your uniform to work. I chose the sport style with the rubber band, well because my girlfriend liked it actually, but also because it look very wearable. I must say I didn’t regret that I took it with the rubber band. Its is easy to put it on and take it off with customs without damaging the buckle. With leather it would damage way faster, this happens in our line of work. The clock itself is an automatic this means there is no battery inside but works on movement, and has a power reserve up to 45 hours. The watch works for 45 hours if you don’t move it at all. How this works you can find on this youtube page. I like on this watch that the deals are a little bigger and because of this easy to read. The PRC200 feels really solid. It doesn’t have so many options as the T-Touch but it is a total different kind of watch. There are just 3 buttons on it so easy to use. For the stopwatch a easy to read red pointer, a minute reading and a hour readout for a maximum of 6 hours. The plate that I have is black but you also have it in a few other colours. There is one more thing I need to tell you about the PRC200, if you turn it around you can see the inside of the clock, the mechanical parts of it. It as a window on the back so you can see the inside skeleton of the clock. My captain on the aircraft has the PRC200 Chronograph, this is the battery version of the PRC200 Automatic watch that I wear. On the photo below you can see them both.

Now you know what watches I wear during flying. I can not promise it will not be more in the future. 





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