Where are you?

Where are you now? This is the most asked question on Instagram by people. I think this question comes up maybe once or twice a day. The question is simple but the answer unfortunately not.

As you might found out, I fly a private jet. The people who buy or charter a private jet want their privacy. It is the most important thing a private charter company can offer. They are unanimous and don’t want to be disturbed during their travel.

Now imagine the following, let’s say that a famous person lets give it a name: Elmo (from sesame street) wants to travel on a private jet. He does this because he needs to be in 2 different locations on 1 day.

If I told you the day before that I am in Barcelona and Elmo gives a concert in Paris and I tell my followers that I’ll fly to Paris out of Barcelona. And the day after to Amsterdam where Elmo has another concert. You know when I fly and when Elmo arrives at the airport.

Now that example it is just Elmo but it could be politicians or other people from governments. Now if people know where we fly and what route, can you imagine how dangerous that could be?

That’s why I never tell where I am that moment, you never know where and how this information ends up with someone.

The photo’s that I post on Instagram is for this reason often a bit delayed so you can not see where I am at that moment. But sometimes a few days old. Its unpredictable and that makes it impossible to track me.

I hope all of you understand and respect this. If you have any comments or questions regarding this topic please feel free to do that below.

This photo below was made in New York. Joking that is Venice, Italy.

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