The use of Sunscreen

As a pilot, you always have sunglasses with you and you wear them as soon as you see the first sun rays coming through the clouds. It’s critical to protect your eyes, a small part of your body but so important. This is so commonly known by all pilots. Something not everyone knows is that your skin also gets a lot of UV radiations. You could read a bit more about this in one of my earlier blogs about the importance of using sunscreen (click here)

As we fly, we pick up radiation anyway but did you know ta UV-A waves also go through the protection of the windows of the plane? for that reason, it is very important that you have an additional barrier against the sun. Most of the sunscreens now are so-called chemical sunscreens  – depending on the sunscreen – they block UV-A and/or UV-B and some other wavelenght. I started using Eucerin products SPF 50+ to protect myself. Their Sunscreen technology protects against UV-A, UV-B and HEV-Light (High-Energy Visible Light). With this, I have a lesser chance of getting skin cancer. Honestly, I find this more important than getting a suntan! What other effects has the sun on you? Sure the sun provides you with vitamin D, which is healthy but you shouldn’t get too much of it. Indeed, too much Sun can accelerate the aging effect on your skin and give wrinkles. In the worst case, it causes skin cancer. Why would anyone risk this?

I found this video showing the effects of UV radiation on your skin. No this is no sorcery this is just sunscreen doing its thing. I would strongly advice to just check out the video below.

So even when the sky is covered with clouds it is still a good idea to apply Sun Protection, but you could apply one with a lower SPF . I personally use SPF30 and SPF 50+ from Eucerin, mostly because you don’t feel it on your skin. It is sold in pharmacies all over the world, so easy to be resupplied wherever you are on the planet. Let me explain what this number means. SPF is the protection factor. Let’s use SPF50+ as an example. It means it will just allow 1/50 part of the sun rays to go through. The lower the SPF number the more UV-rays will reach you and penetrate your skin.
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